The Rise of Wrestle Gate Pro

Wrestle Gate Pro, owned by Gary Ward, are a new professional wrestling company based out of Nottingham, England. In such a short period of time, WGP have gained so much recognition from around the world with the surprise All Elite Wrestling match between PAC and Adam Page that was initially scheduled a week later at AEW’s first show, Double or Nothing.

Having this match, as a surprise, was huge for Wrestle Gate Pro in what was only their third ever show. The news of the Adam Page appearance to challenge PAC, which was broken by Wrestle Thoughts Podcast gained a lot of attention in the wrestling world, being mentioned by AEW themselves, Wrestling Observer, Wrestle Talk, Forbes and many more news outlets.

In my opinion, this put Wrestle Gate Pro on the map. Especially with AEW airing the PAC Vs. Adam Page match on their YouTube channel, promoting Wrestle Gate which has now been viewed over 630 THOUSAND times! You can watch the full match below.

Adam Page Vs. PAC at Wrestle Gate Pro.

To have this sort of exposure so early in their existence is only a positive, whilst being a fan of independent pro wrestling, I don’t think I’ve never seen such a meteoric rise for a British Wrestling company.

Now, I don’t want to get carried away and say that they’re dead certain to be the next massive company in British Wrestling, as so many companies have tried to do big things in such a small period of time but then fizzled out. We’ve seen the likes of Lucha Forever and 5 Star Wrestling promise big things and fold less than a year in their existence.

With that being said, I feel that WGP know that they have to walk before running, they’re not promising the world to their fans and booking weekly shows in different cities from the off like the previously mentioned. It’s also worth mentioning the involvement of The Wrestling Agency that are helping Wrestle Gate and Gary.

Gary Ward, spoke about The Wrestling Agency and the first two shows of Wrestle Gate with Wrestle Thoughts Podcast; Kurt, Callum & Jamie in an interview aired by Brainbusta Radio. You can check out the interview here for more information regarding Wrestle Gate.

As great as PAC Vs. Page was for the company, there has been so many more positives in their first three shows. We’ve seen the owner Gary Ward pursue working relationships with various companies around the UK and Europe such as; New Generation Wrestling (Hull, England), Will Ospreay’s company, Frontline Wrestling (London, England), Wrestling Kult (Germany), DNA Wrestling (Suffolk, England), Rising Sun (Italy), wXw (Germany) & All Elite Wrestling (America) – For the PAC/Page match.

Having such working relationships have only helped the company find their feet, having their first ever match at Frontline Wrestling ‘Chaos Restored’ featuring Robbie X & Sean Kustom, since then they’ve had wrestlers represent the Wrestle Gate brand at the previously mentioned companies they’re working with.

Wrestle Gate have been giving a platform for not only some of the best wrestlers in UK & Europe, but giving the next generation of British Wrestlers a platform to showcase their craft and have seen huge international stars come across to the UK for Wrestle Gate. This has helped Wrestle Gate to stand out, as a company that is mixing British Wrestling with Japanese wrestling, their only other competition is essentially, Revolution Pro Wrestling who are based further South of England.

Gisele Shaw and Ricky Knight Jr.
Representing Wrestle Gate Pro at NGW.

Wrestle Gate Pro have brought international stars to the UK such as:

  • Mil Muertes (AAA, CMLL & Lucha Underground) – ‘Open Gate’ 26.01.2019 Vs, Bad Bones
  • Yuu (Sendai Girls) – ‘Open Gate’ 26.01.2019 Vs. Ayesha Raymond
  • Konosuke Takeshita (DDT) – ‘Enter The Dragons’ 16.03.2019 Vs. Chris Ridgeway
  • Eita (Dragon Gate) – ‘Enter The Dragons’ 16.03.2019 Vs. Sean Kustom
  • Ben-K (Dragon Gate) – ‘Enter The Dragons’ 16.03.2019 Vs. NIWA
  • PAC ( Dragon Gate) – ‘Lions Spirit’ 18.05.2019 Vs. Adam Page
  • Adam Page (AEW & ROH) – ‘Lions Spirit’ 18.05.2019 Vs. PAC

A lot of these international stars haven’t worked in the UK before Wrestle Gate Pro, for example Ben-K, he has always worked for Dragon Gate apart from a one off appearance last year in Singapore for Singapore Pro Wrestling. This, for me, is what is separating Wrestle Gate from other promotions in the UK as they’re giving an opportunity to see these new international stars for the first time.

I highly recommend the three shows from Wrestle Gate, you can watch these on their on-demand service or you can purchase their DVD’s and if you use the promo code ‘WTP’ you can get 20% off the DVD’s. These shows also feature some of the best UK talent such as; Robbie X, Chris Ridgeway, Rampage Brown, Nathan Cruz, Lucas Steel, Ricky Knight Jr, Dean Allmark and many more.

A leading female star of the Wrestle Gate Pro roster is Gisele Shaw, also known as Azteca in Women of Wrestling. Gisele is now residing in the UK and was blown away from the production of Wrestle Gate in what was their debut show where she was a special guest. She’s gone on to having a fantastic match with AEW’s Sadie Gibbs, Shax & Jamie Hayter which inspired a ‘This Is Wresting’ T-Shirt to be produced.

Gisele Shaw sat down with Kurt & Callum of Wrestle Thoughts Podcast (@wtpoduk) for an exclusive interview which was brought to Brainbusta Radio. You can check out their interview with Gisele below

Jamie Hayter Vs. Sadie Gibbs Vs. Gisele Shaw Vs. Shax.
Wrestle Gate Pro ‘Enter The Dragons’.

The future is looking very exciting for Wrestle Gate Pro as they carry their momentum into their next show Emerald Grand Prix, a heavyweight tournament dedicated to the late great Mitsuhara Misawa on July 6th 2019 at Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham, England. Frontline Wrestling will also be doing a show the same day at Rushcliffe Arena, furthering their working relationship as they’ll be doing an afternoon show, Frontline NEXGEN:4.

Tournament format for the Emeral Grand Prix, 06.07.2019

Not only has there has been three of the six competitors announced so far for the tournament to make block A, but there has also been some very exciting non tournament announcements. The current wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion, Bobby Gunns will be competing at the show. Also announced is an exciting triple threat match seeing Sean Kustom face the debuting Martin Kirby and Scotty Davis which should be a fantastic match.

The three announced competitors for Block A are; former AJPW Triple Crown Shuji Ishikawa, former AJPW Triple Crown Joe Doering and a man that I consider one of the best heavyweights in the world, Rampage Brown. That means this show will feature Joe Doering Vs. Shuji Ishikawa, Rampage Brown Vs. Joe Doering and Rampage Brown Vs. Shuji Ishikawa. For these to be happening make the show must see in my opinion and to have this in the UK is amazing.

With much more to be announced, I recommend getting tickets for this show, again use the promo code ‘WTP’ for 20% off all tickets and if you can’t make the show, use the same promo code and make sure you get the DVD.

If Wrestle Gate Pro, continue to deliver the quality that the first three have, and the fourth is building up to deliver then I strongly believe they could become one of the go to companies in the UK and build a very good on-demand following with these unique international matches.

Follow myself at @WTPKurt & Wrestle Thoughts Podcast @WTPoduk on Twitter. Check out more like this in audio form by listening to Brainbusta Radio. Subscribe for new shows daily on all podcasting platforms here – Make sure you let myself and Brainbusta what you think of Wrestle Gate Pro.


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