Okay, clearly I have been looking at this blogging stuff completely wrong. I may have been trying a bit too hard to be deeper than I am. I’m basically a simple kind of guy and if you are looking for well written and brilliant articles, fear not there are several amazing writers who I am honored to be collaborating with but….that ain’t happening in Camp Baybay!


This is the exciting moment where me and 3 other people are standing in a ring and promising to listen to you, the readers and give you what you want then proceeding to…wait a minute..I may have just copied a certain family and that hasn’t really worked out well for them so scrap that idea. I got it! I’m going to strip the other writers of their views and everyone starts over…oh yeah WCW did that too, I probably shouldn’t use them for an example on how to run my little corner of Brainbusta OP.

Challenge Accepted!

Basically what I’m saying is that I am changing what you are going to be reading from ol’ Baybay here. I will be a little less symphony and a lot more Kyle O’Reilly/Rick Bugez air guitar. So on that note, hit that sweet hair metal and let’s get to my newest feature and that is my underappreciated legend of the week.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Oh Ron Killings you beautiful rapping, dancing, chilling with Carmella man you! It is a testament that, sandwiched between what seems like 2.5 hours of Shane O Mac attempting to do his impersonation of Vinnie and and a couple of minutes of Bray Wyatt being absolutely terrifying (which I am here for!!), you are by far the most entertaining part of Monday and Tuesday nights.

Whether being flown to Saudi Arabia to get rolled up on the tarmac and then later get it back with the greatest silent three count in history or proving to be an elevator psychiatrist, you never cease to bring a smile to my face. Main roster programming would be a dark and lonely place without your 24/7 hijinx and for that you are my underappreciated legend of the week!

Something that everyone can truly appreciate though is the fact that you can get good stuff for your ears everyday at https://linktr.ee/brainbusta! I mean it’s not “With My Baby Tonight ” but nothing can compare with that banger!


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