Women Need A Separate Brand

It’s about fucking time women had their own brand in WWE, they’re really not getting enough TV time. The tag titles aren’t seen unless The IIconics are defeating “local talent” and the only other time women are shown is if they’re going after the RAW or SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Putting the women all together on the same brand and then adding a United States Championship and an Intercontinental Championship for them is desperately needed. It would bring something fresh in for the women and something exciting for the fans. I know that WWE already has a lot of Championships and I get that people don’t think any more are needed, but when you have a whole army of women going after three championships its absolutely ridiculous.

Too many women aren’t being used, too many tag teams are being thrown together and then we get repeated tag matches. I feel it’s something that is needed in WWE to give the women something more to do instead of scrambling for two women’s championships and tag titles.

There’s only ever one women’s match on either RAW or SmackDown, and there was even a brief period before WrestleMania where was no women’s wrestler because of Becky, Charlotte and Ronda taking over everything. Look how that ended, Charlotte winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship and it becoming a winner-takes-all at Mania. Now I know everyone loved “Becky Two Belts” but for fuck’s sake, Asuka should have had a title defence.

Week after week, only a select few women are ever shown. With another brand, more women can be showcased, no longer will people question where their favourite is, and with the NXT call-ups, we get even more dream matches. Charlotte vs Candice, Asuka vs Shayna, Naomi vs Chelsea Green are all more easily accessible with a separate women’s brand.

With FOX buying SmackDown, there is talk of it being moved back to Fridays which leaves Tuesday nights free for women’s wrestling. I know that people will likely disagree, but I feel it’s high time that it happened. For the fans and for the wrestlers.

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